Different kinds of sheep

Different kinds of sheep

Sheep breeds are high in demand in areas where people own farms. They are one of the most adored creatures due to the advantages they offer and obviously because of their admirable looks. This livestock can be used for multiple purposes like offering skin, meat, fiber and variety of dairy products.

However, sheep comes in different breeds. Every breed may excel in one particular aspect. One kind of breed may offer tasteful meat whereas other breed may be fantastic in providing good amount of milk. Here is a list which will guide you on benefits offered by different breeds of sheep.


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This sheep breed is popular for the quality of wool it offers. It produces quality fine sheep fleece which is in demand all over the world. Wool obtained from this breed is used in making clothes and other warm accessories. But keep in mind that it cannot be used in daily wear due to the sensitivity it offers in terms of handling.

Leicester long-wool sheep

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As it sounds, these breeds are known for the quality of their carcass. It holds immense value among weavers due to the quality of skin. It is a unique breed which is not found in many places. Many farmers are using different cross-breeding techniques to create news breeds out of Leicester because of the precious benefits it offers.

Dorset sheep

This breed is known for delicious meat it offers. It is found easily in majority of the states in US. Meat giving ability of this sheep is amazing offering amazing milk as well. It even has faster breeding capability. These sheep are commonly found all over the world.

Dorper sheep

This sheep breed are highly adaptable to different climatic conditions. They have the ability to adjust in different seasonal variations however, they are abundant in western regions. It has good combination of wool and hair varying in different sizes. The wool is used by weavers to create different stuff and sell them in the market.

Suffolk sheep

If you want to have the best meat, then Suffolk sheep is the right choice. They have high quality of meat. They contain medium wool and have black legs and faces. They are among the largest rowing breed offering a variety of benefits.


Barbados are used mostly for hunting. They have beautiful hair and horns which can be further used for different purposes. The meat you obtain out of this breed is lean. Nevertheless, there are other popular hair breeds like Painted Desert sheep.

Jacob sheep

Jacob sheep has dotted monochrome body and beautiful horns known for its attractive skin and appeal. They are highly used for the quality of wool it offers. They do not have a thick outer coat.

East Friesian

This breed is very common throughout the world known for the quality of milk it provides. It produces heavy quantity of milk per day which makes it a very desirable breed amongst all.